About RemoteMaster

Latest version: v2.06 build 5

The original goal of this project was to combine the functions of the JP1 program IR.exe and the KeymapMaster Excel spreadsheet into a single multi-platform application. The first development was a replacement for KeymapMaster, known as RM. Later, the goal of a combined replacement for both programs was achieved some time ago, known as RMIR. The two developments co-exist in the RemoteMaster program which can be opened in two modes, either as RM or as RMIR, and which is therefore often referred to as RM/RMIR.

Since then, RMIR has been developed further to support newer models of UEI remote controls that IR.exe is not capable of supporting. The most recent development, included in version 2.06 onward, is the addition of a third mode of operation. This is RM Protocol Builder (RMPB) which is intended as a replacement for the Excel spreadsheet program Protocol Builder. Further development is aimed at adding new features and tracking new UEI interfaces as they are introduced. Indeed, there remain a few facilities in IR.exe, KeymapMaster and Protocol Builder that at present have no equivalent in RMIR. More information on the UEI remote upgrade interface can be found at the JP1 home page. A guide to the use of RMIR is available in the JP1 Wiki. An article on "Using RMPB" is available through a link on the Help menu in all three modes of use. Note, however, that as the JP1 project depends entirely on voluntary effort, these documents are often out-of-date.

The project is currently being written in Java 7 using Swing. Versions of RMIR prior to v2.04 were written with Java 6 but certain new features in v2.04 necessitated the move to Java 7. Although there are now newer releases of Java, the update was to Java 7 to retain maximum compatibility.

Originally, two versions of each release of RemoteMaster were produced:

  1. A stand alone Windows native version built, packaged, and powered by Excelsior JET.
  2. A Java multi-platform application requiring a Java Runtime, JRE 6 or later.

Support for the Windows native version has now been discontinued, RM/RMIR v2.02a being the last to have this support.

The current state of this project is documented in the thread RMIR: Prototype IR Function in RM in the JP1 Forum. Many other threads in that forum also contain relevant information. Please note that the Bugs and Feature Requests lists on this site are not currently monitored and are years out of date.

If you would like to participate in the development of this project, first please join the JP1 Forum and browse to see what is currently of interest. If you are still interested, please use that forum to send a PM (Personal Message) either to Greg Bush (gfb107) who was the originator and prime developer of the RemoteMaster project or to Graham Dixon (mathdon) who is currently maintaining it.